Simple Technique to Find Genius Ideas

Simple Technique to Find Genius Ideas

For creative individuals, finding great solutions or ideas is often a challenge. Even if you solve math equations, write articles or design graphics, often we draw a blank. This is where we just don’t seem to process ideas to resolve a particular issue. This is called the mental block problem.

We are told that simple research and brain storming can give great ideas. And this is true to a certain degree. But to find those genius ideas, the ones that throw all other solutions out the door, is hard and frustrating.

But there is an old technique, used even by people like Einstein to come up with creative breakthroughs. I like to call it the light bulb method. This simple technique was researched by Dr Darren Lipnick of the Australian National University. In his research he found people solved more problems after using this method than with other techniques.

The Simple Technique

Dr Lipnicki studied what effect would lying down have on creative thinking. He found that people solved more problems and formulated better ideas while reclined.

Have you realized how much your thoughts flow when in bed about to go to sleep? If you have ever paid attention to your mind, you will realize there is a gold mine of genius ideas waiting to be discovered.

My dad told me a story once (he’s now starting to tell his stories repeatedly – kind of funny). In his story he tells of a time when he studied math as a youth. His mission was to solve a juicy equation. But he kept hitting a road block. He couldn’t solve the problem the traditional way (probably sitting up all night under candle light). So he went to bed. And he dreamed the equation…and the solution.

To his amazement it was correct. At least that’s how he tells the story. Regardless, this sheds some light on the sub conscious mind, and the power of our thoughts and dreams.

Now I’m not suggesting you go to sleep to come up with good ideas. The same effect can be attained by simply resting your body and mind. According to Dr Lipnicki, a chemical called noradrenaline is released in the brain at greater amounts when standing vs. lying down.

I actually read about this on Steve Pavlina’s blog a few years ago. I can’t find the exact article ( I will try to find it and link it here). I started using this method immediately and found it to be absolutely true.

I’ve used this technique to come up with ideas for programming, designing, and writing. And it works like a charm. I actually came up with the idea for this article while lying in bed last night. I also came up with a few more genius article ideas.

If you are having a mental block, and can’t solve creative problems, try lying down, meditating or even sleeping. Always have a pen and pad near by and record almost everything that comes to mind. You will be surprised at what exists in your subconscious.

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