Distinctive Character and Unique Voice

Distinctive Character and Unique Voice

If you want to stand out going forward, you will need to have a distinctive character and a unique voice. I would also add a verifiable backstory would also be a critical component of this.

With the commoditization of knowledge work being imminent due to rapid developments in AI/ML technology, the future will be flooded with artificially created content, messages, and personalities.

AI tech will become ubiquitous, as machines begin to talk back more often, in more places, from more things, and become more akin to humans. So that its invasion into our creative products will be largely unnoticed.

Yet it will, for a while, remain generic, standardized, and pacified. How long this will last is fairly predictable without regulations. I would guess 5 to 10 years at most.

Beyond this point, I can easily imagine a world where smart machines are indistinguishable from humans when interacting with them in the digital realm. And even perhaps in the real world as well.

It’s this easy-to-replicate-human trait of AI tech that will make it harder for a person with generic traits to stand out.

In a grand ocean, only the biggest creatures are noticed first. The little creatures just blend in. I’m not attempting to diminish anyone with that statement, it’s simply an analogy.

If you think you are invisible now, or you haven’t made an effort to stand out, and stand apart, it will get much worse when computers can participate among us with more breath, depth, and speed.

This post is not written to scare you, but to help you prepare.

My best advice is to learn how to get access to these tools now, learn to utilize these tools for your benefit, and eventually own these tools.

Better yet, own exclusive data and knowledge that feed these programs, and truly empower yourself over the coming decades.

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