5 Key Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

I had a major breakthrough! It happened March 2015, but the exact date is long forgotten. I discovered something that completely changed my life. Saying “changed┬ámy life” is a term that some people throw around. I have never done that. I take life-changing events seriously. There comes a point in every badly adjusted person’s life when they start to

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Coupons at Scale

Back in the day when we wanted to save some money, we sat at the kitchen table cutting coupons from newspapers, magazines and wherever else they were published. It was a tedious task, to say the least, with many long hard afternoons clipping coupons – it was dreadful. Actually, it wasn’t that bad. We couldn’t accumulate too many coupons for a single product. It just did not scale like that. It was rare to get more than 5 coupons for one product or service at any given time. Sometimes we could even combine the coupons, but usually, we could not.

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